Post-Op Update: Week 2

Okay, so I’m a couple of days late – but I have a good reason, I swear!

(If you want my real 2-week day-of update, you can always check out the video in the post below)

So…I was really hoping that I would be under the 400lb mark by my birthday (which was Friday, December 14) – wasn’t sure it was going to happen, and I got close, but I didn’t quite make it. I knew it would be VERY close though, and so I decided to hold off on my post until I could say…

I now weigh 399.5 lbs – see ya later 400s. Actually, see you NEVER AGAIN, 400s. NEVER EVER. I know Justin Beiber’s sage advice would be to “never say never”, but this is one time I’m making an exception.

It is a very small victory, but it’s still a victory to me and it put a smile on my face this morning.

So…back to my two week update!

The numbers:

My weight loss for week two was 7.5 lbs, which put me at a weight of 401.5 on Friday (my birthday), and a total of 18.5 lbs lost since surgery and 58.5 lbs lost from my highest weight at the end of September.

So far, so good.

This week I also transitioned from clear liquids to full liquids, although that really just meant adding two things to my diet – pudding and soups. You would be surprised at the difference that makes! I made some protein pudding pops (chocolate) and protein pudding (banana) and bought so really flavourful soups – Thai coconut, Moroccan chickpea and Indian lentil. So good – they are organic soups by Happy Planet, and they are full of flavour and so delicious. I do have to throw them in the magic bullet to make sure they are chunk free, but OMG. So nice to eat something savoury and flavourful right now.

I’m doing well getting in my liquids (80-100 oz a day) and protein (75-80+ grams a day) – what’s doing it is basically one premier protein shake (ready to drink, in tetra packs, from Costco) in the morning and then Isopure Zero-Carb diluted in Crystal Light in a big pitcher, that I drink throughout the day. Once I get those in, I’ve had the majority of my protein and liquids, and I can fill in with soups, water etc.

There are two basic things that are bugging me right now – continued fuzzy tongue and the feeling of a “lump” in my throat when I swallow, which started at the beginning of the week. I mentioned it in my update email to Gaby at Dr. Aceves’ office (and also that I was having the feeling of “hunger”, which I know is related to excess acid). She told me that both the hunger and swollen esophagus are related to excess production of acid (apparently my stomach doesn’t realize it is now tiny and doesn’t need to produce so much acid!) and to up my PPI from once and day to twice a day. I started doing that yesterday so I’m hoping it helps!

My birthday was lots of fun! We did end up going out for dinner (a friend was visiting from Syracuse – E, who we met on our cruise in September) and so it was either I cook (not happening right now), we order in or we go out. I actually wanted to go out, but I let my husband decide on the restaurant, since the most I was going to get was soup.

We ended up going to Canyon Creek, which is a local steakhouse-type restaurant. Everyone ordered prime rib, interestingly enough (which I’m not a fan of, so didn’t care about watching them eat that!) – I got baked potato soup, and the waitress was nice enough to try to not include any potato chunks. It did have some sour cream and cheese on top which I mixed in, so it was quite smooth and so delicious. I didn’t eat a lot (maybe 3oz), but I enjoyed what I did eat!

It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it might be, although the waitress seemed confused by the fact that I was only having soup. Whatever, didn’t really care. One interesting thing was that although I don’t really ever get a “full” sensation (nerves are severed during the surgery and it takes some time for that sensation to return), somehow my body does tell me when I’m done. I can’t really explain what it is, but I literally had a spoonful of soup nearly in my mouth and then I just got the “feeling” and I put it down and that was it. Kind of amazing.

The rest of the night was fun too – went to karaoke where our friend is the KJ. Drank tea all night, sang with my friends, got a lapdance (that’s a long story)…it was a birthday to remember.

Although I didn’t share it with anyone, I had something on my mind all night – just how different my next birthday might be, after a (hopefully) 200+ weight-loss. Trippy to think about.

But for today, I’m living in the now and enjoying every minute of the journey.




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I'm on a journey - with a lot of hard work, much love and support and a little luck, there will be less of me and more of myself.

One response to “Post-Op Update: Week 2

  1. Sarah, your killin it. Im so excited for my surgery twin. I love your videos, i still need to record a few. Im rootin for you girl, keep up the hard work! HUGS!

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