Video: 2-month VSG Surgiversary Update



I Understand Why This Can Be So Hard…

I found the following post on OH today, and it really spoke to me…

To lose the weight would mean to allow myself to hurt. To lose weight would mean not numbing myself anymore. It would mean experiencing pain to its maximum. It would also mean experiencing happiness. I tend to forget.

My weight is a barrier between me and others. I’ve allowed it to define me because I am afraid of defining myself- and being disappointed. To lose weight would mean to experience. To lose the weight would mean to break down the walls that have protected me for so long.

To lose weight also means living in the present. To accept your failures and go for your successes. It would mean leaving the realm of “When I lose weight” and enter that of “Today I will”.

It is difficult to be thinner because it would entail in living. And life is scary. And life can hurt. But I will find the strength to lose this safety net I have made of my body and allow myself to be for the first time in a while…



Tsk tsk…I am a naughty girl…


Ok, so I owe anyone and everyone who follows this blog and apology. I have been seriously slacking on blogging. Seriously. To the point that someone messaged me on the Obesity Help website to check on me (so sweet, thank you!).

Not ’cause I don’t love y’all. I’m just busy, busy, busy with work (and since I own my own business, that has to come first). I’ve been keeping up on YouTube, but it’s just somehow easier to plop down in front of the iPad mini for a few minutes than to type out a whole post. Sad but true.

But, I’m going to catch y’all up tomorrow, since it’s my 2-month surgiversary! Boy how time flies, right?

Tonight, I’m going to post something interesting I came across, and also my YouTube video updates from the last few weeks (I’m going to just post updates only from now on, not any other videos I might make, so if you’re interested in everything that I have to say, feel free to subscribe to my videos on my YouTube channel:




Video: Fat Shaming in the WLS Community

Ok, get ready for a different kind of video. I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic for a while, but the other day I saw a video that a YouTuber I follow had made, and it lit a fire for me to make a video response talking about this very subject – people who are on the other side of this journey and seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be overweight, and seem to think they can fat shame those who still *are* overweight.

Oh no, Sarah does not play that my friends…



Video: Post-Op, VSG – Week 4

Ugh…sorry guys, behind posting as usual!