Woohoo! 2 month surgiversary….

Okay, yes. I wanted to post on Wednesday, but it didn’t happen. What’s new? LOL

2 months have passed in what seems like a flash, and yet at the same time parts of this journey have seemed like an absolute eternity!

Sooo…what are my totals looking like now? Here’s a rundown of my first 2 months:

Highest Pre-Op Weight: 460 lbs (September 2012)

Pre-Op Weight Loss: -40 lbs

Surgery Day Weight: 420 lbs (November 30, 2012)

Week 1: -11 lbs

Week 2: -8 lbs

Week 3: -3 lbs

Week 4: -3.5 lbs

Week 5: -3 lbs

Week 6: – 8.5 lbs

Week 7: -4 lbs

Week 8: -5 lbs

Week 9: -5 lbs

Total Loss Since Surgery (51 lbs/2 months)

Total Loss Since Highest Weight (91 lb/4 months)

As far as eating etc. goes, still getting in 500-600 calories a day, 80-90g of protein and 20-30g of carbs. Doing good with water/liquids and vitamins.

Sleevie Wonder is still a total food slut and seems to accept pretty much anything (not sure if that will ultimately be a good or bad thing!). Every now and then he gets a little cranky when I eat a bit too much or a bit too fast, but even then it’s just an uncomfortable feeling, nothing more.

Overall I am so thrilled with my progress, and creepin’ up on 100 lbs lost since my highest weight 🙂





About lessofsarah

I'm on a journey - with a lot of hard work, much love and support and a little luck, there will be less of me and more of myself.

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