Uuugggghhh…seriously scale? Seriously?

Okay, so I’ve been talking on my vlog on YouTube about my goal of losing 100 lbs (since my highest weight) by Valentine’s Day.

A couple of weeks ago I was really unsure about whether I was going to get there, but I’ve had great losses the past few weeks (last week I lost 8 frickin’ pounds!) and I was pretty convinced I was going to get there.

In fact, on Friday, I weighed in at 361 – just 1 pound shy of my goal. Awesome…6 days to lose 1 lb.

Yesterday morning…360.4. So close.

This morning…360.2. Oh come on now!

Tomorrow I’ll probably be 360.1, FFS.

It’s not really a big deal, it just figures it would happen when I got close to a milestone.

Now, it is Aunt Flo’s time to make her appearance, and I have been feeling really bloated, so it’s highly possible that is skewing the numbers, but still…really?

Hope it’s good news tomorrow 🙂





About lessofsarah

I'm on a journey - with a lot of hard work, much love and support and a little luck, there will be less of me and more of myself.

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